August 31st 2021. SpiderDAO is happy to announce a new partnership with SupraOracles and in due course bring our LaU (Liquidity as Utility) program to their users and their wider community.

SupraOracle’s mission is to strive to bridge the gap between traditional capital markets and the Web3.0 ecosystem. Their vision and driving mission since day one, in 2017, has been to empower the developer community with a novel oracle toolset so that they may conveniently create, deploy, and manage data applications with superb performance, robustness, and agility.‍‍

Their solution is both interoperable and extensible and lets their customers utilize real-time…

On the 25th of August, we had the opportunity to host a DESPACE Protocol in our channel for an AMA. With an overwhelming amount of questions, we just knew we had to create a transcript of it.


Nathan Varty: HI to all our wonderful community and welcome to this AMA with myself and @DeSpace_CMO, we will be having 2 rounds of questions one section from myself and the other lot of questions coming from our community.

Nathan Varty: @DeSpace_CMO Could you please briefly introduce yourself and your project to our community members?

Micky Irons: Hi everyone…

20th August 2021. In a wide-ranging agreement, SpiderDAO are excited to be working closely with one of the world’s premier news & PR companies; New to the Street. New to the Street will feature SpiderDAO’s exclusive face-to-face interviews on a wide range of TV outlets including; Newsmax, FOX Business, Bloomberg, Kron4, and RNNS.

In the coming months New to the street will (among other things) set up an exclusive Nasdaq interview with Jane King, organize a Global Press Release announcing that SpiderDAO will be featured on their many shows and actively promote SpiderDAO across their wide-ranging media partners.

SpiderDAO will…

August 17th, 2021 Spider VPN is today delighted to announce the official release of our long-anticipated Android App and to celebrate this event, we are offering a full 7 - DAY free trial available to all new users. Existing users can download and use the new App with their current sign-in details. Our android app is available in the Google Play Store by clicking here (on your Android device)

Our Android App has been carefully crafted to make our VPN service on a mobile device as seamless and easy to use as possible. We have included items such as:


Recently SpiderDAO released its very own VPN Application for Android devices. While we worked hard on the app itself, there were still some imperfections spotted by our community. First and foremost, we want to thank everyone who took the time to collaborate with us in order to eradicate some of the problems discovered in the Application, and for anyone who wishes to join us in the bug hunt in the future, you can do so by following the next URL 👉

We’d also want to point you that the APP’s development is presently moving at full speed, and we…

July 6th, 2021 SpiderDAO is excited to share the great news that our beautiful VPN Android app is now available to download for early access on the Google Play Store. The download also includes a free VPN trial and we encourage as many people as possible to give it a test.

As an additional incentive to help improve our App quality, we are aiming to run multiple bug-finding campaigns that would reward SpiderDAO community members with handsome rewards.

You can download and install our app from here

Join the Beta-testing telegram channel here

Our VPN apps are seamless in their…

JUNE 23RD 2021. SpiderDAO is delighted to announce the launching of our very own bug reporting portal called Bugzilla. Bugzilla is a user-friendly interface where our dedicated Beta Testers can report any coding bugs, missing or defective features, mistakes and in fact any part of the SpiderDAO project that may need attention.

The list of areas that qualify for reporting are comprehensive and include:

  • Android app functionality
  • Android app UI
  • Router functionality
  • Router UI
  • Router DAO
  • Discord
  • SpiderVPN Website
  • Staking/Lau
  • IOS app functionality
  • IOS app UI
  • Wireguard

The Bugzilla reporting site can be found here:

In addition, new and existing…

JUNE 16th 2021. SpiderDAO is delighted to announce the continued integration of SpiderDAO within the Polkadot ecosystem.

Last week Parity Technologies released its latest version of its blockchain framework Substrate. This is the third version of the software which is rapidly becoming the template of choice for blockchain developers as Polkadot and its philosophy of interoperable blockchain are quickly rising to prominence.

As with every new version since Substrate 1.0, …

JUNE 3rd 2021. SpiderDAO is delighted to announce a new partnership with Lead Wallet and, in due course, bring our LaU (Liquidity as Utility) program to their users and their wider community. In addition to our significant partnership, SpiderDAO is honoured to be included as one of Lead Wallets initial launch tokens when their platform rolls out very shortly.

Lead Wallet is a decentralised multi-cryptocurrency application based on the Andriod and IOS platforms. As a decentralised cryptocurrency wallet, users will be able to control how they spend, store, and organise their funds. …

MAY 26th 2021. SpiderDAO is happy to announce a new partnership with YOP and in due course bring our LaU (Liquidity as Utility) program to their users and their wider community.

YOP’s mission is to combine an all-in-one custom-built yield optimization platform utilizing their yield optimization protocol. In practical terms, this makes it easy for everyone to access yield markets and in turn gives users control, custody, insights and flexibility, directly in one single application.

Their platform provides dynamic portfolio management with automated IL (impermanent loss) protection, aggregation, and reward protocols. The bottom line is that YOP offers a clean…


SpiderDAO is the industry’s first hardware-enabled DAO that bundles multi-layered hardware and software tools on top of Polkadot.

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