A Mining Revolution Has Arrived

SpiderDAO announces the launch of a new Groundbreaking Multi-Token Hardware Miner.

5 min readFeb 8, 2022
The Amazing SpiderMiner!

FEB 8th 2022. Here at SpiderDAO, we are delighted to reveal our revolutionary new hardware miner, the SpiderMiner Ultra. It’s been six long months in development and testing, but our high specification, eco-friendly Multi-token hardware miner is now available to the entire crypto community.

The SpiderMiner Ultra is nothing short of a revolution in the crypto mining world. We aim to bring not only Multi-Token mining to every Crypto-related project (regardless of their network protocol or token characteristics) but to do so in an eco-friendly, privacy-centric way.

The SpiderMiner Ultra, More than just a Miner
The SpiderMiner Ultra is so much more than just a simple hardware Multi-Token Miner. We have jointly developed the SpiderMiner Ultra with our sister company SpiderVPN, and they have developed a whole host of features that are built right into the heart of the SpiderMiner Ultra, features such as:

  • Military Grade VPN protection built into the firmware
  • Very low power requirements that enable an eco-friendly operation
  • Metaverse protection features that ensure privacy and security
  • A Hardware DAO including voting and community participation features
  • Simple to use “plug and play” interface to set up and mine tokens unattended
  • A high fixed ROI (Return on Investment) across a range of high-quality tokens
  • 1-click 90 day token bonding options to further enhance miners earnings

The SpiderMiner, A revolution in Mining Algorithms

In our quest to make the SpiderMiner an Eco-friendly device, we opted to develop our own unique low power mining Algorithm called POPS-Proof of Privacy Staking.

POPS is a Hybrid Algorithm that requires a mixture of both on-chain and off-chain metrics to validate mining rewards. The following metrics are needed for successful mining:

  1. Mining & Bonding. Miners are required to initially bond a minimum of $10 worth of each token for the duration of the mining period.
  2. Validity. The network constantly checks each miner based on its unique characteristics such as its MAC address, Chipset Serial numbers, crypto wallet address and users’ account details.
  3. Reliability. The Miners “uptime” on the network. Miners are “pinged” constantly and monitored for their connection and mining status.
  4. Security. To participate in mining rewards, users have to participate fully in building and using Spider VPN’s world-class service.
  5. Data Throughput. Miners are expected to achieve and maintain a minimum quantity of protected data throughput on the network.

Mining rewards are initiated once the SpiderMiner is set up and the POPS Algorithm is in operation (plug and play). Users can enjoy a substantial passive income and be safe knowing that their mining is private and fully protected.

The SpiderMiner, Protect, Mine, Earn & Relax

In our quest to revolutionise the Crypto mining industry, we decided to take the uncertainty out of earnings. To bring peace of mind to owners, we have opted to give miners a fixed Return on Investment (ROI) based on the number of tokens that can be mined. We also decided to provide a further boost to those earnings by including a 1-click 90-day token bonding option that can be initiated throughout the miner’s life.

Together, these two features will mean that miners can earn up to 165% of their initial investment. Unlike other mining hardware, there is no reward “halving events” or increased hashing requirements due to network expansion.

For more detailed information regarding earnings, see our website here

The SpiderMiner, What tokens can I mine?

Apart from our own $SPDR token, our initial batch of miners will include another four high-quality tokens from a diverse range of well-established mature projects. To enable a joint announcement with our partners and their communities, we will announce simultaneously the names of all of the other participating projects next week (watch this space!)

We are anticipating huge demand for our initial batch of SpiderMiners. So we have set up a pre-order facility where people can secure their miner in advance. To secure your SpiderMiner, please see our Pre-order form here.

We are actively involved in securing a wide range of future projects, and we will announce these partners and the release date of future mining groups shortly. The great news is that the SpiderMiner can accommodate any token from any network regardless of its network protocol or token characteristics, and therefore users can benefit from hassle-free, profitable mining across a potentially massive range of tokens.

The SpiderMiner, Upgradable & Future Proof

Unlike traditional hardware mining equipment that quickly becomes less effective, less profitable, and obsolete, the SpiderMiner was created with longevity built-in. Every SpiderMiner sold can be upgraded remotely to include future features and even new mining opportunities. We have been hard at work developing new features that will be included shortly. Here is a sneak peek at those new features:

  1. DAO Voting. Future upgrades to miners will mean users that wish to participate in DAO voting will have the ability to participate within a fully secure hardware environment.
  2. Bandwidth Monetisation. We are currently working on new and innovative ways of using your excess bandwidth, harvesting the income right into the SpiderMiner wallet.
  3. Decentralised ID. We will incorporate 2-Factor authentication protocols so that users may access their DID Wallet from their SpiderMiner whilst ensuring maximum security.
  4. Hardware Crypto Wallet. Fully secure a considerable range of tokens using Military-Grade Cryptography ‎and 2-Factor Authentication protocols. Users can then access their hardware wallet from any registered personal device (Phone, Tablet, Computer) whilst ensuring maximum security.
  5. Metaverse Protection. A dedicated built-In Metaverse Protection System ensures your security while you concentrate on the things you care about most in your Metaverse.

The SpiderMiner, More information & where to buy.

We have assembled a comprehensive and detailed suite of information so you can dive deeper into the SpiderMiner. Please find below all the links:

Projects can Partner with SpiderMiner here


Preorder page

User One Pager

Showcase Video

Miner Features Video

Metaverse Video


Pitch Deck

Comments on the Launch of the SpiderMiner from Nathan Varty, CEO SpiderDAO

“Here at SpiderDAO, we are immensely proud and excited by the launch of the SpiderMiner. It’s truly a massive leap forward for our entire organisation and an amazing opportunity for every member of our community and our partners’ communities ”. He continued, “It’s been a long and difficult road, but I want to pay tribute to our whole development team and especially to our friends at SpiderVPN who have been essential in the successful development of our Miner.”

About the SpiderMiner

The SpiderMiner is a high specification, eco-friendly Multi-Token hardware miner with military-grade VPN protection built right into the firmware. It’s designed as a low power device that produces consistently high returns (in tokens mined) on a wide range of high-quality diversified tokens. The SpiderMiner deploys a revolutionary hybrid mining Algorithm called POPS (Proof of Privacy Staking) that ensures an easy-to-operate user interface alongside world-class privacy, security and protection protocols which means users can simply and easily Mine, Earn, Profit, Protect & Relax.​

About SpiderDAO

SpiderDAO provides a decentralised router-based VPN service for its users by using a dual-governance model which brings together hardware and software tools with on-chain elements. The team aims to build a new set of standards for Decentralized Autonomous Organisations to counteract the unfair distribution of voting power. Combining hardware safeguards and leveraging the Polkadot consensus mechanism, SpiderDAO establishes a whale-resistant mechanism whilst creating a highly scalable, interoperable and stable governance system.

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