SpiderDAO Vision & Achievements

3 min readDec 16, 2021


SpiderDAO is built on the robust DAO framework, which introduces a dual governance model that offers a whale-resistant solution. We see ourselves as the leader in multi-layer DAO hardware governance,

Our solution pairs hardware and software tools with on-chain components that provide inherently democratic and anti whale governance mechanisms.

This allows the advancement of the network, feature development decisions, and the subsequent value creation to be dispersed among all users instead of controlled by a centralized authority. SpiderDAO effortlessly eradicates all problems associated with traditional DAO. Additionally, the users get a dVPN (decentralized VPN) service that can be accessed using SpiderDAO Tokens, which assures complete anonymity.

1 Year Anniversary Achievements

This year was an extraordinary year for SpiderDAO with dozens of launches, dozens of partnerships, dozens of announcements, and much more! Let’s look at what SpiderDAO achieved in such a short time period.

  1. Successful Private Sale
  2. Successful launch on Polkastarter IDO- Gone in 30 Secs
  3. Successful TGE and Token Vesting
  4. Launch of the SpiderDAO Distribution Program
  5. SpiderDAO LaU 2.0 (Liquidity as Utility) program
  6. Multiple AMA’s Spreading the SpiderDAO word
  7. Successfully Audited by Certik
  8. DAO Launch:Polkadot Testnet
  9. Successful Distribution of SpiderVPN routers to over 7000 Users Worldwide.
  10. LAU 1.0 Launch (Liquidity as Utility) program
  11. Redesign of Spider Pro Router
  12. Rebrand of Website SpiderDAO and SpiderVPN
  13. Successful creation & sale of SpiderDAO NFT’s via Polkapets
  14. Successful launch and implementation of SpiderDAO Nests
  15. Listing Meme Comp
  16. Liquid Exchange Listing
  17. Runners Up Finals in the Exeedme Gaming Tournament CS:GO
  18. Registered on Xangle Credit Report
  19. Joined the Defi Coalition
  20. All Private sale tokens were fully distributed in March
  21. TestNet Launch- World’s 1st Hardware DAO
  22. TestNet 3.0 upgrade
  23. Development and implementation of Hardware DAO and wide-scale beta testing.
  24. Beta Testers, Bugzilla, and a whole lot of community support
  25. Android App Beta Release
  26. Community Android App Testing
  27. Android App Live
  28. Free Trial Initiated for All Android users
  29. iOs Beta Release on TestFlight
  30. Bridge to Moonriver by Anyswap
  31. SpiderNest Deployment on MoonRiver
  32. iOS Community Testing
  33. Pets Airdrop for Existing NFT holders
  34. New Hardware Testing Period
  35. Black Friday Sales
  36. Xmas Competition
  37. MexC CEX Listing
  38. iOs App Live

Our Vision

SpiderDAO aims to highlight and prioritize users’ interests. Unlike traditional DAO, SpiderDAO hinders a central party from controlling everything and distributes it among its consumers.

SpiderDAO also wants to bring privacy, security, and complete anonymity to its end users. It has taken many steps to make this possible, one of which is SpiderVPN. We are looking forward to moving across to the Polkadot/Kusama network and have started the process of building on Moonriver as we speak. Moonriver is very beneficial for our dApp execution and communication with our hardware, plus it is much more cost-effective for our community as the gas prices are in most cases less than $0.07.

Short Term Vision:

We are currently setting up our Liquidity Pool on Solarbeam to then integrate with Solarbeam’s Farm. The SpiderNest has been deployed on Moonriver giving a huge 80% APY.

We are utilizing the efficient Moonriver network for our smart contracts to communicate with our hardware and so our community and ourselves are able to process transactions a lot cheaper and more efficiently. This is the next step in our roadmap with onboarding onto the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem.

We are continuously looking for ways to improve our network, efficiency, and security when developing our smart contracts and after reviewing the Moonriver and Moonbeam network we believe it is the future.

Long Term Vision:

We are continuously working on our Decentralised KYC, DAO Voting and Bandwidth Monetisation. We are continuously testing on the Rococo test net, ensuring that everything we build is working and secure.

We are making fantastic progress and we are now working closely with KILT to enable the integration of DIDs (Decentralised identifiers) into our firmware, getting closer and closer to our goal of being truly decentralized.

About SpiderDAO

SpiderVPN provides a decentralized router-based VPN service for its users by using a dual-governance model which brings together hardware and software tools with on-chain elements. The team aims to build a new set of standards for Decentralized Autonomous Organisations to counteract the unfair distribution of voting power. Combining hardware safeguards and leveraging the Polkadot consensus mechanism, SpiderDAO establishes a whale-resistant mechanism whilst creating a highly scalable, interoperable and stable governance system.

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SpiderDAO is the industry’s first hardware-enabled DAO that bundles multi-layered hardware and software tools on top of Polkadot. https://spiderdao.io