SpiderDAO To Integrate ORE ID and ORE Vault Into Entire Spider Ecosystem

3 min readDec 20, 2021


DEC 20th 2021. SpiderDAO is excited to announce a new partnership with AIKON and the ORE Network. As part of the partnership, ORE ID and ORE Vault will be integrated into the SpiderDAO Ecosystem, including all Spider Hardware. What’s more, the ORE Token ($ORE) will have the ability to be distributed by the SpiderDAO Hardware network.

“SpiderDAO is delighted to partner with AIKON and tap into the tools built on the ORE Network. As the team builds out their extensive roadmap, we look forward to providing our clients with industry-leading security and a seamless login experience across our ecosystem by utilizing their solutions. As more and more users demand decentralized and secure personal data ownership, we anticipate an exciting long-term partnership,” explains Nathan Varty, SpiderDAO CEO.

“SpiderDAO’s vision to bring unparalleled online privacy to the end-user aligns with our work to accelerate a decentralized future through the use of secure, easy-to-use blockchain solutions. The security of our digital identity and personal data is critical to a more fair and open future. We’re thrilled to team up with SpiderDAO as the world turns to blockchain technology,” shares Marc Blinder, AIKON CEO and ORE Core Contributor.

Real-World Solutions with Real-World Customers

AIKON is building real-world solutions on the Open Rights Exchange (ORE) Network. ORE ID is a single sign-on tool that allows users to simply create new accounts on the blockchain. The SpiderDAO partnership comes hot on the heels of the latest ORE ID news that RedFOX Labs launched their latest play-to-earn mobile game tapping ORE ID as their universal login.

ORE Vault is an enterprise-grade multi-signature crypto wallet that allows customers to securely store and manage their large digital asset funds — and now their non-fungible tokens (NFTs)!

The Future of Secure Data

Together with AIKON, SpiderDAO are providing secure, simple and universal solutions for both consumers and businesses. The world is rapidly turning to blockchain technology for its benefits, but to achieve mass adoption of blockchain the solutions need to be secure and intuitive.

About AIKON:
Blockchain and crypto are technologically complex. AIKON makes it simple. We’ve built a suite of intuitive products built on the ORE Network for enterprise companies looking to provide a seamless user experience that works cross-chain with Algorand, Ethereum, EOS and more.

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About SpiderDAO:
SpiderVPN provides a decentralized router-based VPN service for its users by using a dual-governance model which brings together hardware and software tools with on-chain elements. The team aims to build a new set of standards for Decentralized Autonomous Organisations to counteract the unfair distribution of voting power. Combining hardware safeguards and leveraging the Polkadot consensus mechanism, SpiderDAO establishes a whale-resistant mechanism whilst creating a highly scalable, interoperable and stable governance system

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