SpiderDAO releases midterm Q2 2021 Roadmap update.

  • DAO Launch:Polkadot Testnet
  • Deep Development of dVPN OpenWRT
  • Testnet of Spider dVPN
  • Native App Development on iOS
  • Android App Beta Release
  • Successful launch and implementation of SpiderDAO Nests
  • Successful creation & sale of SpiderDAO NFT’s
  • Successful launch and implementation of SpiderDAO LaU (Liquidity as Utility) program
  • Numerous partnerships and cooperation agreements with various blue-chip crypto projects
  • Listing on Liquid Exchange
  • Development and implementation of Spider Pro Connect router firmware and wide-scale beta testing.
  • Redesign of Spider Pro Connect Router packaging
  • Building a Bridge from the ERC-20 ecosystem to the SpiderDAO Parachain using Chainbridge, is currently in progress and will take approximately four weeks.
  • SpiderDAO dashboard in our Pro Connect router is already integrated. Further Improvements are in progress completion in Approximately three weeks.
  • Decentralized Network packets (DPI & DNS service implementation) will be completed in approximately four weeks.
  • Native iOS beta version, including SpiderDAO wallet, is approximately five weeks from completion. The native Android version will be around two weeks.
  • Native VPN desktop apps for MacOS and Windows with SpiderDAO wallet and DAO governance approximately six weeks from June 2021
  • The DAO Generic Framework to Whitelabel DAO solutions will use Spider Connect Pro router and apps, approximately four weeks to complete.
  • We are partnering and building a bridge to Sentinel, a dVPN partner that will use our SpiderDAO hardware.
  • We are adding a feature to our Spider Connect Router, which will mean clients will be able to take advantage of decentralized KYC (Know Your Customer) services provided by a trusted 3rd party (more details soon)
  • We are currently testing a revolutionary feature that will mean that our Hardware DAO services can be deployed across ANY item of hardware with a MAC address such as Mobile phones, laptops and desktop computers and tablets.

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