SpiderDAO is now on Solarbeam!

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A step-by-step guide on how to move your $SPDR tokens and Liquidity to the Moonriver Network via Solarbeam.

April 4th 2022. We are very excited to announce that SpiderDAO has been successfully listed on SOLARBEAM! To purchase and trade the SPDR Moonriver token, please make sure you select this pair on the the Solarbeam DEX Here and no other pair.

As promised, we are publishing a step-by-step guide on how to move your $SPDR tokens and Liquidity over to the Moonriver Network via Solarbeam

Step 1-Token $SPDR token holders:

Open your metamask wallet and make sure you are on the Ethereum network.

Go to the Anyswap site and connect your wallet in the usual manner.

Select Bridge on the left-hand side of the menu (see picture below).

On the right-hand side drop-down menu in the “From” section select SPDR and Ethereum mainnet:

On the right-hand side drop-down menu in the “To” section select SPDR and Moonriver mainnet:

Click on the Balance shown on the top right-hand side, this will populate the “From” and “To” boxes with the total balance available.

Click swap

Click Confirm

Click Confirm in your MetaMask Wallet

Click on the blue link to get the transaction details

Once confirmed in your wallet, the swap takes up to 30 mins to confirm but is usually quicker.

To confirm your transfer:

Switch Networks in your MetaMask wallet to Moonriver, at this point you will have no MOVR tokens and your SPDR Token will not be showing in the main menu

At the bottom of the MetaMask wallet select Import tokens

In the following box under the “token contract address” copy and paste this address:


The token Symbol and decimal should appear automatically, if not put SPDR into the token Symbol field and 18 into the decimal field

Click the “Add Custom Token” Blue box and confirm. The SPDR balance will appear in the next dialogue box, now click the “Import Tokens” blue box.

Once back at the main MetaMask page, the SPDR balance will appear.

Just as on the Ethereum network, you will need the native token of the Moonriver network (MOVR) to use as gas for transactions but currently there are no MOVR tokens in your wallet.

The next step is to bridge and then swap ETH for MOVR. This is achieved in a two step process, the first part of the process is bridging your ETH tokens to the Moonriver network (in the same way as you bridged your SPDR)

Go back to the Anyswap site and connect your wallet in the usual manner (on the Ethereum mainnet). Select Bridge on the left-hand side of the menu (see picture below) but this time select ETH in the Ethereum mainnet (top menu) and then ETH and the Moonriver mainnet (bottom menu). Insert the quantity of ETH you wish to bridge (note there is a Minimum quantity of 0.017 ETH) and press the Swap button.

Click the pop up confirm button, click the MetaMask confirm button. Once confirmed in your wallet, the swap takes up to 30 mins to confirm but is usually quicker.

After your transfer, you will not be able to see your ETH balance in your MOVR mainnet MetaMask wallet, we will describe later how this will be visible after the swap for MOVR :

To swap ETH for MOVR we have teamed up with Solarbeam and their “Swap for Gas service”

Click on this link to go to their service. If you are not already on the Moonriver network in your MetaMask wallet, you will get this message:

Allow the switch to the Moonriver network and then select the ETH and MOVR pair from the drop down menus along with the quantity of ETH you want to exchange into MOVR (see picture)

You will first have to select the “Approve & Swap” button once you have selected this a pop up menu will appear:

You will also be presented with 2 separate MetaMask sign notices, one after the other, press “sign” in both cases

After the transactions have been signed, you will also see a pop-up menu asking if you want to “add ETH to MetaMask”.

After selecting this you will see a pop up menu from MetaMask asking you to confirm this:

Select “Add token”

Congratulations! You now have MOVR and SPDR in your new Moonriver MetaMask wallet. If you want to participate in our Liquidity options as well as our SPDR/MOVR farm please see the following guide:

Step 2- $SPDR Liquidity Providers:

To create your new Moonriver LP and participate in our farming and staking options we have once again teamed up with Solarbeam

Click on this link to go to their liquidity services. Once there you will see this liquidity menu:

Once you click Add, you will be presented with an “add liquidity” menu, it should default to MOVR on the top “input” menu and you will have to choose SPDR token from the drop-down bottom “input” menu.

Depending on your balances, you will have to select either MAX from the SPDR menu or MAX from the MOVR menu and the selection will automatically select the correct amount of the opposite token to create the liquidity pair.

At this point select “Approve SPDR”

A MetaMask pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm your approval request

Click confirm, once confirmed the Add liquidity menu will change to show the “confirm Adding liquidity” button at the bottom:

Once clicked this menu will appear, click “confirm supply”

You will then get this pop-up menu

Followed by a MetaMask confirmation, click confirm

Once completed, you will be able to view your newly created LP position by the box at the bottom of the menu

Congratulations! You now have completed your LP token, the next move is to get some juicy SOLAR rewards by farming on Solarbeam:

Step 3-Setting up your SPDR/MOVR Farm on Solarbeam:

Under the various farms available, look for the SPDR/MOVR farm:

Select the farm and a drop-down menu will appear:

Click on the left side “Max” button and then the Approve & Stake button

A pop-up MetaMask window appears to sign the transaction:

After signing, click confirm, then this window will appear:

Congratulations, you have successfully set up your farm and you can now enjoy your daily rewards

The Great news does not stop there:

Moving your liquidity to Moonriver within the next 14 days will make you eligible for an amazing NFT airdrop:

Check out the benefits from this great NFT airdrop in which you will receive 1 for moving your Liquidity across to Moonriver. (which one is yet to be decided)

NFT 1 — Full access to a Special group of mining projects on our SpiderMiner in the near future.

NFT 2 — Unlocks a much higher APY farming reward in our SPDR pool as well as VIP features (watch this space)

NFT 3 — A special airdrop to SpiderMiner buyers (more details soon).

NFT 4 — Will all receive a 3-year SpiderVPN service completely free.

More details about the NFT Airdrop will be revealed very soon.


🤚Beware of the fake contracts & fake tokens being traded on any DEX

Our official Moonriver SPDR Token Address is :


✋It has come to our attention that there are multiple SPDR contracts floating around trying to impersonate our project, we would like to inform you that those contracts are NOT REAL and that you should avoid them.

👉 The official SPDR Token contract will only be posted on the Official SpiderDAO and SpiderDAO “ANN” telegram channels and on the top side of the spiderdao.io Website.

🚫Any Token Address posted before, after or outside of SpiderDAO’s Official Telegram Channels are FAKE and a SCAM. Please stay alert and be careful!

About the Moonriver Network & Moonbeam

Moonbeam is a developer-oriented blockchain that strives to provide compatibility with the existing Ethereum developer toolchain and network. It does this by providing a full EVM implementation, a Web3-compatible API, and bridges that connect Moonbeam to existing Ethereum networks. This allows developers to deploy existing Solidity smart contracts and DApp frontends to Moonbeam with minimal changes.

Moonbeam will also be a parachain on the Polkadot network. That means it will get shared security from the Polkadot relay chain and will be able to integrate with other chains that are connected to Polkadot (once that functionality is available on Polkadot).

About Solarbeam

Solarbeam is a decentralized exchange, providing liquidity and enabling peer-to-peer transactions on the Moonriver Network. We are currently the leading DEX on the network. The goal is to provide a comprehensive and convenient, one-stop platform for the cryptocurrency community.

About AnySwap

AnySwap is a fully Decentralized Cross-Chain Bridge. Users can deposit any coins into the protocol and mint-wrapped tokens in a decentralized way. In addition, AnySwap facilitates Cross-Chain Swaps, users can immediately swap from one coin to another.

AnySwap also provides Programmed Pricing and Liquidity. A Liquidity provider can add and withdraw liquidity into swap pairs, the programmed pricing system is based on the liquidity provided.

About SpiderDAO

SpiderVPN provides a decentralized router-based VPN service for its users by using a dual-governance model which brings together hardware and software tools with on-chain elements. The team aims to build a new set of standards for Decentralized Autonomous Organisations to counteract the unfair distribution of voting power. Combining hardware safeguards and leveraging the Polkadot consensus mechanism, SpiderDAO establishes a whale-resistant mechanism whilst creating a highly scalable, interoperable, and stable governance system.

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