SpiderDAO-Happy 1st Anniversary!

4 min readDec 15, 2021


We want to reach out and give a big thanks to our Loyal Community for their support in our amazing 1st Year.

WED 15th Dec 2021. It’s hard to believe it but SpiderDAO is 1 year old today! Yes, it’s been a whole year since we launched on the 15th December 2020, and what a year it’s been! Back in December 2020, no one could have imagined the huge progress and milestones that we would achieve in just 1 short year and we could not have reached our goals without the support of our amazing community.

Without your interest, support, and dedication to our project, we would not exist and we are constantly reminded that it’s all our valued members that make this community and are the driving force behind it.

Our 1st Year in Review:
There are just too many things we have achieved to go into any great detail, but we wanted to give you all a summary of what has happened in the last year:

  • Successful Private Sale
  • Successful launch on PolkaStarter IDO- Gone in 30 Secs
  • Successful TGE and Token Vesting
  • Launch of the SpiderDAO Distribution Program
  • SpiderDAO LaU 2.0 (Liquidity as Utility) program
  • Multiple AMA’s Spreading the SpiderDAO word
  • Successfully Audited by Certik
  • DAO Launch:Polkadot Testnet
  • Successful Distribution of SpiderVPN routers to over 7000 Users Worldwide.
  • LAU 1.0 Launch (Liquidity as Utility) program
  • Redesign of Spider Pro Router
  • Rebrand of Website SpiderDAO and SpiderVPN
  • Successful creation & sale of SpiderDAO NFT’s via PolkaPets
  • Successful launch and implementation of SpiderDAO Nests
  • Listing Meme Comp
  • Liquid Exchange Listing
  • Runners Up Finals in the Exeedme Gaming Tournament CS:GO
  • Registered on Xangle Credit Report
  • Joined the Defi Coalition
  • All Private sale tokens fully distributed in March
  • TestNet Launch- World’s 1st Hardware DAO
  • TestNet 3.0 upgrade
  • Development and implementation of Hardware DAO and wide-scale beta testing.
  • Beta Testers, Bugzilla and whole lot of community support
  • Android App Beta Release
  • Community Android App Testing
  • Android App Live
  • Free Trial Initiated for All Android users
  • iOs Beta Release on TestFlight
  • Bridge to Moonriver by Anyswap
  • SpiderNest Deployment on MoonRiver
  • iOS Community Testing
  • Pets Airdrop for Existing NFT holders
  • New Hardware Testing Period
  • Black Friday Sales
  • Xmas Competition
  • MexC CEX Listing
  • iOs App Live

Not to mention all the great Partnerships and collaboration with other projects such as:

  • MobiFi
  • M247
  • RioDefi
  • Kilt
  • PolkaPets
  • New To The Street
  • SupaOracle
  • Lead Wallet
  • IdaVoll Network
  • Hypersign
  • Kattana
  • Xfai
  • Apron Network
  • Umbrella Partnership
  • Exeedme
  • AnRkey
  • ORO Pocket
  • POP
  • Kine Technology
  • Derived

It’s been a great 1st year but the future is even brighter!
We are incredibly proud of all our achievements over the last year but we have only just started! Coming next year we will be launching our most ambitious project yet.

Enhancing token utility as well as securing future Metaverses!
Without going into too much detail (all will be revealed very soon) our new hardware is multi-purposed and will include a metaverse protection protocol. This security and protection has been honed and refined to a high level and is built right into the heart of our new device.

Our new hardware will be available to all Crypto Communities and features a wide range of benefits for both projects and their users including:

  • Mass adoption; almost any crypto project will be able to offer our hardware to their whole community which will benefit both them and any other partner projects involved.
  • More token awareness and adoption; when crypto communities offer our hardware to their members it gives their existing and potential token holders a highly attractive winning formula that will result in more awareness and adoption of their token.
  • High ROI (Return on Investment); our new hardware gives owners a high ROI (in tokens) that will be known in advance of purchase.
  • Eco friendly; our new hardware is not just carbon neutral, it’s carbon negative! For every device sold we will donate to the Tree-Nation project. This project has already planted over 12m trees and offset over 1.5b Tonnes of CO2
  • Low Power requirements;our hardware has very low power requirements, even when operated 24/7/365, its power consumption is equivalent to a typical LED bulb.
  • Ease of use; our hardware has been designed to be a simple “plug and play” device. Users will not have to grapple with complicated configurations or set up procedures. A simple 2 step process after power up gets users up and running in less than three minutes after opening the box.

There’s much more to come!
This is just the beginning! We are already working on enhanced features that will be included in future versions of our hardware, these will be rolled out during the next few months and will result in even greater utility and profit for both projects and communities. We are truly excited about the future and we look forward to giving our community a comprehensive update very shortly (watch this space!)

About SpiderDAO

SpiderVPN provides a decentralized router-based VPN service for its users by using a dual-governance model which brings together hardware and software tools with on-chain elements. The team aims to build a new set of standards for Decentralized Autonomous Organisations to counteract the unfair distribution of voting power. Combining hardware safeguards and leveraging the Polkadot consensus mechanism, SpiderDAO establishes a whale-resistant mechanism whilst creating a highly scalable, interoperable and stable governance system.

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SpiderDAO is the industry’s first hardware-enabled DAO that bundles multi-layered hardware and software tools on top of Polkadot. https://spiderdao.io