SpiderDAO Governance Mechanism

Governance mechanism relates to the operation mode and structural relationship between different elements. It describes how a solution is executed in a business relationship. Effective governance is mandatory if a business wants to achieve core competency and it’s strategic goals.

SpiderDAO introduces a distinctive governance infrastructure layer for the software plus hardware-based DAO approach, which can be applied in various use cases. SpiderDAO deploys a combination of software and hardware tools based on Polkadot governance protocol.

The output is a whale resistant, democratic governance mechanism which distributes power and decision making amongst its consumers. Hardware-based DAO eradicates third parties from interfering and manipulating elections.

SpiderDAO’s unique governance model gives rise to many use cases, such as a completely self-governing decentralized VPN network called the SpiderVPN. Consumers can utilize its features by using tokens.


How we are set to protect the users from dangers on the internet:

Every owner of a SpiderConnect router will have access to a bundle of cybersecurity features like:

Network Monitoring:

IP Filtering:

Kill Switch Control:

Ad Blocker:

Band Steering:

Other features:

About SpiderDAO

Our ecosystem, then, is built on the foundations of fair governance. It includes the SpiderDAO, SPDR Token, and the SpiderConnect Router, which come together to create a robust, scalable, and community-driven ecosystem that will keep up with the pace of technology change and stand the test of time. Today, we would like to shine the spotlight on the SPDR token and its utility within the SpiderDAO ecosystem.

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Our Whitepaper: https://assets.spiderdao.io/SpiderDaoWhitepaper.pdf

SpiderDAO is the industry’s first hardware-enabled DAO that bundles multi-layered hardware and software tools on top of Polkadot. https://spiderdao.io