SpiderDAO announces strategic partnership with AnySwap

OCT 6th 2021. SpiderDAO is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with the world’s leading decentralized cross-chain swap protocol, AnySwap. The first of many of our upcoming cross-chain bridges is now live. ($SPDR to the MoonRiver Parachain). MoonRiver is a Community-Led, Fully Ethereum-Compatible Parachain on the KusamaNetwork.

Anyswap is a decentralized application running on the Fusion, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Fantom blockchains and our newly launched MoonRiver bridge is the first of many bridges and cross chain projects we are developing.

Anyswap is a fully decentralized cross-chain swap protocol, which enables any blockchain that uses ECDSA or EdDSA as a signature algorithm access to cross-chain bridge solutions. Anyswap has deployed cross-chain bridges for more than 650 projects and has developed 20 chains since its’ launch on the 20th of July 2020.

COMING SOON: Our biggest and most important launch ever.

We want to reveal to our community and the wider world that we are very close to releasing a game-changing piece of hardware that will greatly enhance token utility, not just for our own $SPDR token but for the vast majority of crypto community tokens (across all blockchains).

We are unable to go into any detail at the moment, however, it’s a massive development and a true game-changer for the whole crypto community. Watch all our announcement channels closely for the big reveal soon.

About AnySwap
AnySwap is a fully Decentralized Cross-Chain Bridge. Users can deposit any coins into the protocol and mint wrapped tokens in a decentralized way. In addition, AnySwap facilitates Cross-Chain Swaps, users can immediately swap from one coin to another.

AnySwap also provides Programmed Pricing and Liquidity. A Liquidity provider can add and withdraw liquidity into swap pairs, the programmed pricing system is based on the liquidity provided.


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