SpiderDAO announces partnership & Future LaU program with Lead Wallet.

JUNE 3rd 2021. SpiderDAO is delighted to announce a new partnership with Lead Wallet and, in due course, bring our LaU (Liquidity as Utility) program to their users and their wider community. In addition to our significant partnership, SpiderDAO is honoured to be included as one of Lead Wallets initial launch tokens when their platform rolls out very shortly.

Lead Wallet is a decentralised multi-cryptocurrency application based on the Andriod and IOS platforms. As a decentralised cryptocurrency wallet, users will be able to control how they spend, store, and organise their funds. In addition, the Lead wallet allows users to spend, swap, exchange, and stake their cryptocurrency directly from the Wallet interface via a straightforward execution process.

The platform and ecosystem will be driven by the use of the $LEAD Token. $LEAD is an ERC-20 token that fuels the products and services delivered within the Lead Wallet, and the $LEAD token is the heart of the Lead Wallet apps. $LEAD is designed from the ground up to have natural demand as the Lead Wallet services themselves get more popular. In addition, $LEAD will be a cross-chain token in the future (not just part of the Ethereum ecosystem).

The SpiderDAO/Lead Wallet LaU Partnership

Here at SpiderDAO, we are always looking to provide the best in privacy solutions and utility for partners and their clients. Very shortly, there will be a unique opportunity for $LEAD holders to fully secure their network connection through FREE access to SpiderDAO’s VPN service.

To obtain free access to the Spider VPN service, all end-users or $LEAD token holders have to do is participate in the Lead Wallet liquidity (LaU) mining programs as soon as they are launched (watch for more dates and details here).

Quote from Lead Wallet

Our partnership with SpiderDAO is not just important for the two projects to synchronize tech and business-wise; it also will open Lead Wallet users to new opportunities of earning passively when they stake their LP tokens, and they also get to enjoy premium VPN service (SpiderVPN) for free.

Quote from SpiderDAO

“SpiderDAO is delighted to work with Lead Wallet as they build out their range of services and apps,” said Nathan Varty, CEO of SpiderDAO. “We look forward to being able to provide Lead Wallet and their clients with industry-leading security and protection of their online privacy, as they help us build liquidity. We are excited to join Lead Wallet as they build out their platform and attract a wider client base. Once Lead Wallet users start to take advantage of their services we look forward to offering them a world-class VPN service to further enhance their experience.”

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