SpiderDAO announces partnership & Future LaU (Liquidity as Utility) program with YOP

MAY 26th 2021. SpiderDAO is happy to announce a new partnership with YOP and in due course bring our LaU (Liquidity as Utility) program to their users and their wider community.

YOP’s mission is to combine an all-in-one custom-built yield optimization platform utilizing their yield optimization protocol. In practical terms, this makes it easy for everyone to access yield markets and in turn gives users control, custody, insights and flexibility, directly in one single application.

Their platform provides dynamic portfolio management with automated IL (impermanent loss) protection, aggregation, and reward protocols. The bottom line is that YOP offers a clean UX/UI application powered by their $YOP token and at the same time automates the user's engagement with yield markets using custom control parameters.

Coming soon: YOP’s Launchpad Aggregator

The SpiderDAO/YOP LaU Partnership

Here at SpiderDAO, we are always looking to provide the very best in privacy solutions and utility for partners and their clients. Very shortly, there will be a unique opportunity for $YOP holders to fully secure their network connection through FREE access to SpiderDAO’s VPN service.

To obtain free access to the Spider VPN service, all end-users or $YOP token holders have to do is participate in the $YOP liquidity (LaU) mining programs as soon as they are launched (watch for more dates and details here).

Quote from YOP
YOP is excited to be growing our network of partners with the addition of SpiderDAO Said Atif Yaqub, Founder of YOP. Security and privacy is a key component of all online activity and we look forward to offering SpiderDAO services to YOP customers. We also are keen to co-develop custom solutions for the YOP Platform and grow these products together.

Quote from SpiderDAO
“SpiderDAO is delighted to work with YOP as they build out their extensive roadmap,” said Nathan Varty, CEO of SpiderDAO. “We look forward to being able to provide YOP and their clients with industry-leading security and protection of their online privacy, as they help us build liquidity. We are excited to join up with YOP as they build out their platform and attract a wider client base. Once YOP users start to take advantage of their services we look forward to
offering them a world-class VPN service to further enhance their experience.”

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