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SpiderDAO has a diverse number of services and functions planned for the future, which will be implemented in late 2021. Numerous features have already been launched and are ready to use; many more are to come very soon.

SpiderDAO will provide access to all these features and services via the Spider Dashboard, a user-friendly access gateway to leverage the features of SpiderDAO. The intuitive and simple UI makes it reasonably simple to get around.

We work every day and focus on providing a seamless user experience by regularly updating the Spider Dashboard. With each iteration comes new features and use cases. Our motto is privacy, upon which we act and add security features on each iteration.

Explaining the purpose of Dashboard

The Spider Dashboard acts as a front end to access SpiderDAO features in a neat and sorted manner. It houses many use cases, which are discussed below.

We plan to create SpiderWallet, which will be accessed via Spider Dashboard. Using this, the users can effortlessly send and receive SPDR tokens quickly. In order to protect the wallet, we have already put in place a security feature where users can set a custom password for their router dashboard.

One of the exciting plans we have is SpiderMarket which is soon to be implemented. Here users can set or limit their bandwidth and sell it in return for SPDR tokens. We will place security measures around this, as all browsing data will be wiped as soon as the other person stops using your bandwidth.

We also plan to integrate token staking within the Spider Dashboard so users can directly stake their SPDR tokens and get access to free VPN as rewards.

Users will be able to leverage LAU (liquidity as utility) directly from the Spider Dashboard by staking tokens and get huge APY returns in the form of SPDR tokens to check their balance, check their reward, and check the current amount of tokens currently in liquidity.

We already have a minimalistic yet feature-rich Spider Dashboard, which houses numerous security features. Users can activate a kill switch that protects their identity; they can set a password for Dashboard, change DNS, turn off DNS unblocker, and so much more. With just a click of a button, users can update their SpiderConnect router to the latest firmware.

With access to diverse locations, users can enjoy seamless VPN services from SpiderDAO’s sister company, SpiderVPN. We are all about protecting your privacy and plan to always iterate on that.

Final Words:

The primary feature is voting. Users will be able to cast votes from the Spider Dashboard directly. Our framework and methodology eradicate all whales and dark DAOs by providing a genuinely decentralized voting process free of any rigging.

About SpiderDAO

Founded in 2020, SpiderDAO is the industry’s first hardware-enabled DAO that bundles multi-layered hardware and software tools on top of the Polkadot Network — a blockchain protocol with two goals: providing shared security among all connected parachains and allowing all connected chains to interoperate. SpiderDAO’s vision is to create a provable, open-source, decentralized VPN, as well as add a multi-layer privacy solution where users are not only secured through the DAO, but their networks are secured with Spider dVPN and adblocking. All user data is encrypted through dVPN to ensure that all network traffic is secured when leaving or entering the network.

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SpiderDAO is the industry’s first hardware-enabled DAO that bundles multi-layered hardware and software tools on top of Polkadot. https://spiderdao.io

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SpiderDAO is the industry’s first hardware-enabled DAO that bundles multi-layered hardware and software tools on top of Polkadot. https://spiderdao.io

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