Metaverse Privacy Issues

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The social media giant Facebook has always been in the spotlight for privacy issues. The tech giant has taken numerous steps to minimize or satisfy their users that their confidential data is safe. With the introduction of Facebook’s Oculus and smartwatches, Facebook is set to launch their all-new Metaverse, which in theory could harness even more data from users.

What exactly is the Metaverse

This is the buzzword flying around since Facebook changed its patent company name to Meta. This name rebrand was done to make people forget about their past misdemeanors. With the new name, meta, they have introduced the concept of Metaverse.

In a nutshell, Metaverse targets replicating our real lives as enhanced versions in a virtual world. People from all over the world can come together in the virtual environment and virtually meet their family and friends. This interactive and immersive world will give the illusion of the real world, where you can interact with other people, play games, shop, watch movies, and even buy virtual land.

The tech giant describes Metaverse as an interactive and immersive VR experience, where all of us can have our virtual avatars and communicate with others in a largely digital environment. This concept gives rise to many use cases; for example, companies can host virtual meetings.

Facebook calls this concept an evolved version of the internet, but researchers call it a potential privacy nightmare.

Working of Metaverse

Metaverse works by combining two technologies: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. It will create a mixed reality, and when launched to its full potential, it will be indistinguishable from the real world.

An expert claims that the market for this is gigantic, and whoever has a monopoly over this will, in theory, have control over your entire life.

To use this mix of virtual and augmented reality, you will have to install multiple sensors in your house. You will also have to wear face, eye, body, and hands tracking systems to interact with the Metaverse fully. This technology also can follow your brain waves giving rise to a new kind of privacy threat.

Potential privacy issues

  • Metaverse may look like an exciting concept on paper, but it gives rise to tremendous privacy threats. Let’s have an overview of them.
  • As you’ll have to place numerous sensors inside your home to interact with Metaverse, this will grant Facebook even more ways to collect your data.
  • Facebook has a proven record of mishandling uses data, so there are high chances your data might be leaked in a breach.
  • Scammers and hackers could get access to new exploits in the Metaverse. They could potentially create copies of your avatar and extract sensitive information about you.
  • Facebook algorithms could track you more meticulously and manipulate data according to your mood, facial expressions, body movement, and your preferences.


Metaverse has potential pros and could result in a positive thing. Some pros of Metaverse are more efficient and communicative remote work and closer connections with distant family and friends.

SpiderDAO realized issues of Metaverse early on, and thus we worked hard on a product that part of its mechanics is to keep you safe from the downsides. Stay tuned as we will unveil our fruits of labor shortly.

This positive future is only conceivable via applicable regulations and the responsible treatment of user privacy.

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