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SpiderDAO has been working through many different approaches as the world’s first hardware DAO, and one such approach has been to introduce the new concept of “Liquidity as Utility” (LaU).

Here is a breakdown of what Liquidity as Utility means and the process behind it.

By providing liquidity to the SPDR liquidity pools and staking the equivalent of at least $500 in Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens ($SPDR — $USDT, and $SPDR — $ETH pairs), users will be eligible to claim a free subscription for virtual private network (VPN) services through SpiderVPN. For as long as the users staked LP Dollar value is more than $500, they will receive a complimentary VPN subscription. Simply put, by providing liquidity, users will gain access to additional services offered by SpiderDAO that users wouldn’t get from other projects. SpiderDAO calls this mechanism “Liquidity as Utility” or LaU. As a $SPDR holder and liquidity provider, you can get a free VPN from spiderVPN.

Similar to crypto debit cards offered by the likes of CRO or SXP, you gain services like free Netflix if you stake a certain amount of tokens. However, with CRO, it requires a user to lock up a minimum of $1475 (price as of this post) for 180 days. With LaU, SpiderDAO wallets are monitored for a minimum of 30 days. So if you decide you want to leave, you aren’t tied in with your tokens locked up for excessive periods. However, removing liquidity would, of course, mean losing the VPN services as well. As long as you have at least $500 worth of $SPDR tokens staked, you can enjoy seamless VPN services from SpiderVPN. Price fluctuations are inevitable, all prices of staking are recorded at the time of the transaction, thus in the event of $SPDR value change your LaU reward wouldn’t be affected.

Further to this, we also expect this mechanism to increase demand for the $SPDR token in line with SpiderVPN product adoption. Those who purchase a SpiderConnect Router but do not participate in the liquidity mining program may still stake SPDR tokens to receive free VPN services through our new staking program (more on this to come soon).

What is spiderVPN? And why does it help to use it when online?

Everyone dealing with blockchain, DeFi, and digital assets should be using a VPN to protect their data, privacy, and assets. SpiderVPN is offering a unique way for token holders to access its VPN network: $SPDR Liquidity Providers receive access to the SpiderVPN by staking the equivalent of at least $500 in liquidity in the form of LP tokens. Acting as a liquidity provider is an act by an individual that benefits the entire community. Via this service will not only be rewarded with liquidity mining rewards and LP profits but also with free access to the SpiderVPN.

What is the purpose of liquidity as Utility (LaU)?

SpiderDAO believes liquidity providers shouldn’t be limited to just receiving $SPDR tokens but should additionally be rewarded with utility gained from accessing the underlying product offering — the VPN. If you were a liquidity provider for a coffee business, you would at least expect a free coffee right? We believe the same!

SPDR Utility Development

Over the lifetime of the $SPDR token, the ratio of importance for the different Utility. Layers will gradually shift from Liquidity Mining towards “Liquidity as Utility” and DAO Governance. As Liquidity Mining fulfills its goal of distributing the token and eventually recedes, the overall adoption of the DAO ecosystem and all the products/services within it will play an ever-greater role in the long-term token utility.

We believe that the LAU model is a truly unique approach to token economics. By centering utility around LP tokens, we believe that token velocity issues are addressed by creating an incentive to lock tokens for the benefit of both the entire community while being rewarded by a combination of LP profits and service utility.

So how do you, as a $SPDR holder and liquidity provider, get a free VPN from spiderVPN? Simply click this link and follow the instructions.

Liquidity as Utility:

About SpiderDAO

SpiderDAO’s vision is to bring unparalleled online privacy to the end-user. As a Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO), requires addressing the shortcomings of current DAO frameworks. We do so through a multi-layered governance setup based on hardware and software tools on top of a Fair & Resilient Hardware-based DAO built on Polkadot.

Our ecosystem, then, is built on the foundations of fair governance. It includes the SpiderDAO, SPDR Token, and the SpiderConnect Router, which come together to create a robust, scalable, and community-driven ecosystem that will keep up with the pace of technology change and stand the test of time. Today, we would like to shine the spotlight on the SPDR token and its utility within the SpiderDAO ecosystem.

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