We want to reach out and give a big thanks to our Loyal Community.

NOV 25th 2021. In the great American tradition of Thanksgiving, we wanted to send out a short message of heartfelt thanks to all our Loyal community members for your support and enthusiasm since we began this exciting journey last year.

Without your interest, support and dedication to our project we would not exist and we are constantly reminded that it’s all our valued members that make this community and are the driving force behind it.

Black Friday follows Thanksgiving!

Another great American tradition is the “Black Friday” sales which follow Thanksgiving Thursday and we have decided to enthusiastically join that tradition as well!

Here is a sneak preview of what we will be offering tomorrow in the way of huge discounts, these will be announced in detail and live by Midnight tonight (UK time)

Deal 1: Lite Router Mega Promo Deal up to 55% Discount!:

We are giving a massive 55% discount to anyone who purchases our Lite router and 3 Year VPN plan, this means an amazing price of £45.95 for both a router and 3 years VPN service! Watch out for links and Promo Codes tomorrow.

Deal 2: VPN only Mega Promo Deal up to 42% Discount!:

We are giving a massive 42% discount to anyone who purchases our 3 Year VPN plan, this means an amazing price of £39.95 for a 3 year VPN service! Watch out for links and Promo Codes tomorrow

We hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving has a wonderful day and once again we thank all of you for your support.

About SpiderVPN

Spider VPN has a Fast military-grade VPN server network that spans the globe. Our service features unlimited speed and bandwidth which means you can stream or download anything from any of our servers without being tracked, hacked or revealed.


Fully secure military-grade encryption constantly protects you from being hacked, tracked or snooped upon. Never again feel vulnerable using public Wi-Fi hotspots or unsecured networks.

Enjoy the apps and content you use every day with our fast and huge range of worldwide servers


Protect your online activity and privacy using our world-class encryption.


Protect your IP address as well as keep your location private. Our no log and strict privacy policy mean we don’t collect any activity or connection logs.


Always get the help you need through live chat support or email. Our comprehensive help guides simplify troubleshooting.


• Keep your connection safe by using our auto-reconnect feature. if your VPN connection is interrupted it’s automatically terminated to prevent any unintentional breaches of security

• Favourite Location list

• Day/Night screen options

• Upload and Download indicators to keep track of bandwidth usage

• Encryption with Wireguard, UDP and TCP protocols

• Manage subscriptions in-app

• Works with all providers including; Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G, and all mobile data carriers

• Widget: Connect/disconnect the VPN, change location, or view VPN status

• Kill switch: Network protection stops all internet traffic if the VPN can’t connect

Reach SpiderVPN on:

Telegram | Twitter | Medium | Website

SpiderDAO is the industry’s first hardware-enabled DAO that bundles multi-layered hardware and software tools on top of Polkadot. https://spiderdao.io